by The Umbrella Rooms

What happens when a woman who has everything except happiness looks back to a time when life was simple and unspoiled? When love mattered more than money, where everything was possible?

Stephanie Canworth is a 21st-century woman who’s riding high in her career, while in her personal life things are not quite as rosy. After an important London press-launch for her new range of high-end lingerie, Stephanie is left pondering her future in the sanctuary of a swish hotel room. There, with a few hours to kill and a well-stocked minibar, Stephanie attempts to swerve phone calls from her demanding husband, as well as prying questions from an intrusive newspaper columnist. 

When she receives a Facebook message from old flame, Sean - her first love - a flirtatious conversation brings years of memories, mischief and music flooding back. But that’s not all! Sean thinks they should get together at the hotel and pick up where they left off, and after several enticing messages back and forth, Stephanie just might be up for it. 

Written by Terry Ronald and Denise Van Outen, this funny and poignant one woman show sees Denise as Stephanie Canworth reminiscing on lost love, and all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ those memories can bring. Stephanie’s story sweeps through the decades from hilariously awkward teenage moments of the 1980’s to the loved-up hedonism of the 1990’s. 

The music is an evocative mixtape of both eras, but rather than a simple collection of karaoke sing-alongs, musical arranger Steve Anderson, has re-imagined a trio of classic pop tracks as bitter-sweet torch songs, revealing the poignancy of the lyrics.

Proceeds include a donation to support Make A Difference Trust

Released on 2nd April streaming on demand

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